About Us

We are a company dedicated to providing affordable housing in a perfect environment catered specifically for students and/or staffs in the medical field.

By understanding the demanding lifestyle of the medical field and medical education, we provide and customize accommodations accordingly. Our flexible length of stay options, designated study spaces, and catered services are ideal for medical students and/or foreign medical graduates who are doing electives, rotations, and residency interviews.

Our History

We have 10 years of experience in hospitality, good, and beverage, in addition to having successfully ran an upscale bed & breakfast for the past 3 years. Our housing and services speak for itself try us out during your next rotation or interview!

Our Approach

With our locations strategically selected in areas near hospitals, universities, and transportation, visiting professors and lecturers have everything they need during their stay. In fact, we only allow medical students, foreign graduates, and medical staff from affiliates to be offered our accommodation in order to preserve the perfect learning environment for our guests. We are committed to giving the kind of living experience a student, graduate, or medical staff needs for success.